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Welcome To Fenwick Inspection Services Limited

Marine / Industrial Corrosion Consultants & Specialists in Coating Inspection


Corrosion globally costs industry £Billions on an annual basis and the struggle to prevent it is constantly evolving and on-going. The most common method of arresting corrosion of steel structures is to paint them and paint manufacturers are constantly developing and bringing to market, new and innovative products.

However, a coating system is only as good as the prepared surface to which it is applied and the general rule is “the better the surface preparation the longer the life of the coating system”. Similarly, strict control of every facet of the surface preparation and painting process is of critical importance if the long term performance goal of a corrosion protection system is to be achieved.

Why Use Fenwick Inspection Services?


For over 33 years Fenwick Inspection Services Ltd has served industry in general and the Marine, Off-shore and Civil Engineering industries in particular ensuring we obtain for our multi-national clients the best possible finish painted structures be they sea going vessels, off-shore rigs, fuel oil / chemical storage tanks, road and rail bridges etc. Our inspection services, independent of both sub-contractor and paint manufacturer ensures we can utilise our considerable experience in all aspects of corrosion control to satisfy the demands of our client’s.

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